WDFPF Philosophy and Mission

The WDFPF was created in 1988 specifically as a drug-free alternative international platform – in order to provide fair competition world-wide for those powerlifters who wish to train and compete without performance-enhancing drugs.

This remains as important today as it was when the Federation came into being.
In pursuit of this objective the WDFPF has adopted the most rigorous drug control procedures in the world.

That same rigour is demanded of all those national organizations affiliated to the WDFPF, as a pre-condition of their registration with the world body. Ours is the only international organization which makes such demands of its members, and this is the true measure of our dedication to the drug-free principle.

We firmly believe that there are powerlifters in every part of the world who are sympathetic to the ideals of the WDFPF.

Moreover, we believe that drug-free lifters belong in a drug-free organization. It is our mission to develop the sport for our members, to reach out to drug-free powerlifters everywhere, and to increase our international base by bringing them into the WDFPF – where they can be assured that there exists a genuine commitment from all concerned to provide for fair powerlifting competition free from the use of drugs.

The ultimate success of drug-free powerlifting depends on those who share our ideals being dedicated – not only to the principle of drug-free competition – but to the success of those genuine drug-free organizations which exist to achieve these objectives. Accordingly we welcome all lifters and officials around the world who subscribe to the ideals of the WDFPF, to join our world-wide body and work with us to turn our aspirations into reality.



Congress Minutes, Brandon, England 03 November 2023

Present: Great Britain, Belgium, USA, Holland, Sardinia, Ireland, France

Apologies: Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Germany, Estonia, Switzerland, Australia

The President confirmed the following dates for events in 2024
European Full Power
World Single Lifts – Netherlands, Amsterdam – 31 May – 2 June 2024
European Single Lifts – Ireland, Dublin– September
World Full Power – USA, Boston or Evansville – November


  1. Meeting opened 19:10 hrs. The President WDFPF welcomed all nations and thanked them for their time in coming to the congress. He also made apologies for the delay in the distribution of the agenda and calling in notice due to the ongoing issues within Russia and the ability to communicate at pace.
  2. The President WDFPF thanked the rest of the WDFPF committee for their continued hard andwork and all federation councils for the  excellent support over the last 12 months.
  1. There being no outstanding business form the last meeting the President moved straight to item 4 events.
  1. The following events were presented at the congress:

    a)Ireland – Bid for European Single Lifts, to be held in the Dublin area in September2024, exact dates, and venue TBC AGREED 

b)USA – Bid for World Full Power, to be held in either Boston or Evansville, exact venueand date TBC

c)No further bids for events were submitted for the 2024 competitive year with the Worldsingle Lifts having been previously agreed as Amsterdam 31 may – 24 June    

d)Further bids for international events will be considered out of committee.

  1. REFEREES: The president indicated that a solution is required to ensure referees and officials are identified and supported for events. It is critical for international referees to have theability to travel at least once in a 2 years period, consideration must be given at events tosupport the travel and attendance of officials going forwards.

AOB The following matters were presented and voted on by the congress:

Submitted by USA: Additional women’s weight class above 90+ category. It was discussed and voted on regarding the disparity of the final weight class in the women’s events. The last class of 90+ was too large with lifters who potentially weigh 91 Kg competing against individuals who could weigh, as an example 145Kg. For this category to become more competitive and in be reflective of the increased number of athletes within this category it was voted and agreed to introduce and additional category of 110 kg. This the heavier categories will become (from 70Kg): 

    ……-70 , -80 -90, -110, + 110 FROM Jan 2024

Discussion by USA – Attracting new members in the USA is difficult given the other federations available to lifters with note to the use of knee sleeves. Althought the USA do not wish to press the use of knee sleeves in the unequipped category they expressed an intent to have an additional unsanctioned category where knee sleeves could be worn within what would otherwise be unequipped lifting to try and attract new members. The WDFPF made clear that any such category would not be recognised for qualification purposes less where the individual intended to qualify equipped if using knee sleeves. It was agreed by all that this was a local decision and not included within qualification for unequipped events. It was also highlighted and agreed that there are only 2 categories for lifting, equipped and unequipped of which knee sleeves were equipped and that that any hybrid category would simply be for events where qualification would not be claimed by a lifter outside of the standard WDFPF rules on equipment.

Submitted by France: The equipped qualification totals do not reflect the difference between equipped and unequipped lifting. Examples were given where the totals were only 10 Kg difference. The congress voted on the following action: All equipped qualification totals will be a minimum difference in each age and weight class as lifted below as a % From Jan 2024

Squat – A minimum of 25% difference between Unequipped and  equipped.                                       

Bench press – A minimum of 25% difference between Unequipped and equipped. 

Deadlift – A minimum of 20% difference between Unequipped and equipped.

Submitted by Holland: The current rule book does not preclude the use of a Monolift on the competition platform, however the rule book states that the rack should be adjustable in height increments that a Monolift is unable to achieve.  Clarification in the rule book is required. It was voted on and agreed that Monolift were not allowed to be used on the competition platforms.

Submitted by Holland: The use of Velcro fastening belts. The rule book is required to clarify what types of Velcro belts are allowed for use. The book currently states that Velcro may not go round on itself, but other aspects are confusing, clarity is required to support the referees. It was voted on that belts can have Velcro fastening if they did not contravene any size aspects already listed and did not fasten back on themselves in such a manner to make them double thickness.


There being no other business the meting closed at 20:30

Reminder to all nations; 

Please pay the Annual Nation membership fee 100 € at the beginning of the year 2024 Membership fees ( 1 € per athlete ) just before or at the congress 2024

Kind regards

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News item from WDFPF Executive Committee

Dear all, Unfortunnally we have to cancel the “EC SINGLE EVENT 2020”which was planned to be held in Sardinia. Due to the Covid 19 there are to many problems and regulations. Sardinia will organise the same event in 2021 Date, place and info will be send later.

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31 May -02 June 2024
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20-21 April 2024 EC Powerlifting, Belgium, Antwerpen (Fort van  Merksem )

31 May – 02 June 2024 WC Single,  Netherlands, Amsterdam

14-15 September 2024 EC Single, DUNDALK IRELAND

2-3 November 2024 WC Powerlifting, Congress, Cape Cod Massachusetts, USA. Important information

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